2022 – The Year of …

For 2022, I aspire to be content with my knitting. I know what you are thinking, why would she even be knitting if she was not happy? Let me explain. 

For the majority of knitters, we want new needles, yarn, the latest pattern that just came out, a knitting bag, or we no longer enjoy the project we started (even if we are only 3” away from having an entire sweater completed 😂) and abandon it for a new project that excites us. We seek the adrenaline and satisfaction this provides us in the moment. Our eyes get so big dreaming of the possibilities that we forget to enjoy the now. But what would happen if we did not buy anything new, and finished the projects we started (even when we aren’t thrilled in the moment anymore with them) for a whole year?

That is where I believe contentment will be learned – finding the happiness and satisfaction in the progress of it all. If anything the past couple of years has taught me is that I so desperately want to skip the now and plan and dream for the future. I want to escape the present. Perfect example, on our 7 day move to Alaska, often at times, I just so badly wanted to be to the next stop so I could say, we only have however many days left until I do not have to be in this truck anymore. If I am doing that in life, my guess is I am also doing that with my knitting as well. Which is why I have decided to be bold in 2022:

My 2022 Knitting Resolutions

  1. Buy NO new yarn.
  2. Choose projects that will only use up yarn from my current yarn stash.
  3. Knit a pair of socks every month OR knit 12 pairs of socks by December 31, 2022.
  4. Finish all the current WIPs (work-in-progress) or hibernating projects:
    1. Zweig sweater
    2. Lap blanket 
    3. Little linear sweater 
    4. Peep show shawl
    5. First sock KAL
    6. Ripple bralette
    7. Rainbow fingerless mitts
    8. His and hers Christmas socks
    9. 1 Pair of husband socks
    10. 2 Pairs of socks for me that only need heels done
    11. Scrappy knit pillow
    12. Basic balaclava

I tried to set SMART goals but still allow myself the wiggle room for creativity to thrive. What are some of your knitting resolutions for 2022?

Until next time,

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