Knit Luxury Eye Mask

Back when I was an undergraduate student and living in the dorms, I would go through eye masks like they were a newly bought bag of Cheetos. One night the velcro from an eye mask got stuck in my hair (almost had to cut my hair to get that one out!) to even wondering if I was wearing an eye mask because so much light was coming in around the eye mask. So I decided, I can knit, why not make an eye mask.

Thats just what I did. I came up with a pattern and walla I actually could get a restful night of sleep again. I fell in love with them so much that I decided I would sell them on Etsy. And they sold like hotcakes!

While I have been preparing for the upcoming nuptials with my fiancé, a customer requested I make another one for him. So in some spare time, this is what I made for him.


I cannot wait to hear what he says when he gets in the mail! I will let you guys know when I hear back from him!

Knitted Escapades

I am busy, busy, BUSY these days. I just finished my doctoral project, planning a wedding, and knitting in all the spare time I possibly can. I was going to knit a flower bouquet for the me and the bridesmaids. However, I just do not have enough time to finish before the big day arrives. Instead, I decided that I will knit the groom’s and groomsmen boutonnieres.

I knit my fiancé a blanket last year for his birthday. He take that blanket everywhere with him in case he gets cold. So I figured I would knit us a blanket for our new apartment and so that we can snuggle under one blanket. However, it has gotten large and not so cold anymore. So I find myself only bringing out my blanket project on cold days.

Since we are starting to get spring and summer weather, I have found myself knitting socks when I couldn’t cary the other two projects around. Boy did I forget how nice and easy it is for a knitting project to fit in your purse without getting all mumbled and jumbled! I have finished one sock and I am starting on the other cuff right now.

Because of my current sock obsession, I asked my fiancé if we could afford to buy some addi turbo 8″ circular knitting needles so I can have an easier time knitting socks on the go. I was thrilled yesterday when they finally arrived in the mail!!!!! I cannot wait to use them! I am hoping that this Memorial Weekend when we head up north to the cabin that I will be able to whip them out and knit some more socks on them.