Fixing a Hole While Blocking 

Have you knitted a project that you know was done perfectly then blocked it and all the sudden you have holes!? To your horror, you start googling to find a solution. Yet, no one seems to understand or have a fix to your current panic attack?


Calm down. I have an easy solution to this that does not require any scissors, ripping out your finished project. It requires a blocking mat, pins, your finished knitting project, and a knitting needle of your choice.

Step 1: Block the whole project and make sure to re-wet the project. If it is to large to block the whole project, block half the project where the hole(s) are.

Step 2: Using your knitting needle, spread out the stitches around the hole to tighten the hole us. See video below.

Step 3: Take a damp washcloth and re-wet the blocked project. Allow to throughly dry and then unblock.

This looks like a huge problem, but it has an easy solution. Enjoy your gorgeous projects! 🙂

KAL: Part 2

I admit, I didn’t pick up the second clue until Saturday night. But, I did finish the entire clue that night!


This German Short Row Heel did take me a couple tries which meant I had to ripe it back a couple of times. I wish the author would have said to practice before attempting this since it takes a couple times to get use to what you are doing.

I had meant to start my second sock last week but life got in the way. Hopefully, with the extra time this week, I will be able to start the second sock. How is your KAL sock coming?
Second part of the KAL: Cableship – Part 2

First Knit Along (KAL)

I decided that since I have been a knitter for well over ten years and I have not done a single knit along (KAL), that this was despicable and I just had to do something about it! My local knitting group informed me that Knit Purl Hunter does some amazing KALs and will be releasing a new one very soon. So I quickly went to her website, summed up what supplies I needed, and was off to the yarn store.

Zauberball Color 1564

I fell in love with this Zauberball color because it reminded be of my elementary school days. I thought, “How fitting for my first KAL!” I was fortunate enough that my local yarn store was offering ten percent off any knitting supplies for this KAL. I know some knitters will cringe while they read this, but I stopped by my local Joann Fabrics to pick up two circular 30″ needles of the 2.75 mm size.

Side note: My husband lost his job back in May and with me still being in school, I just cannot afford the luxury of Addi Turbos knitting needles right now. But I look forward to the day when I can knit with ease on those sweet babies again!

Anyways, I waited anxiously for October 6th to arrive so I could start these socks because I have never knit socks toe up before. I always knit from the leg down to the toes. As soon as the first part of the pattern was released, I was off to the knitting races (so to speak). I quickly found the pattern to be well written and fairly easy for a new or advanced knitter.
I finished my first sock this past Sunday. I plan on finishing the second sock by this Thursday when the second part of the pattern is released. By the way, it is not to late for you to join in on the KAL!

Cableship Socks KAL


  • Zauberball Socks, 75%wool/25%nylon, 100g/459 yards, 1 skein
  • US #2 (2.75mm) or size necessary to achieve desired gauge.  Pattern may be knit with double points, two circulars or Magic Loop method.
  • Cable needle
  • Markers

Gauge: Approx. 8 sts = 1″ in stockinette


Small – leg circumference measures approximately 5” unstretched and stretches comfortably to 10”.
Medium – leg circumference measures approximately 6” unstretched and stretches comfortably to 12”.
Large – leg circumference measures approximately 7” unstretched and stretches comfortably to 14”.

Further size adjustment may be made by changing needle sizes.

First part of the KAL: Cableship – Part 1