The Doggie Kennel Blanket

I have decided before I buy any more yarn, I must use the rest of the yarn I have collected over the years. Hence, the ugly multi color yarns I got last year from a local thrift store. While I was musing over what I was going to make out my ugly yarn, I was excited to find US 19 needles bamboo circular needles at a local yarn shop on clearance! Almost at the same moment I was purchasing the needles, I knew what I was going to make: a kennel blanket for my dog.

In order to make my dog’s kennel more comfortable, I place on the bottom of the kennel two towels. But within a couple minutes of my dog, Winston, being in there, the towels are messed up and he is sleeping in the middle of the kennel with the towels shoved up to the front of the kennel. Winston already has a blanket that he drags in to his kennel and lays down over and snuggles with “his” blanket. Why not make him a blanket for his kennel with ugly yarn? Dog’s are color blind anyway; I don’t think he would mind. His kennel would be a little more comfortable.Much to my surprise, the colors blended better than I thought.

I even came up with a motto from this experience: “Two uglies sometimes make a pretty”. Winston loved his kennel blanket too! Before I could place the blanket in his kennel, he laid down on the blanket.

And then he modeled the blanket off; He really nailed down the model look. But after I got him off the blanket and placed it in his kennel, Winston took more model pictures!

Needless to say, Winston loves his kennel blanket, I got rid of two ugly yarn balls from my stash, and I got a US 19 bamboo circular knitting needles on clearance! An overall great knitting project experience.

Cast on 16. {Cast on first color and tighten with knot. With second color, cast on and tighten with knot. Using the first color, cast on the rest of the stitches}.
Row 1: Knit across with first color.
Row 2: Continuing with the first color, knit two, purl across until the last two stitches and knit the last two stitches.

Repeat rows 1 & 2 but alternate first color with second color until desire length. [For  example, rows 3 & 4 should be down the same except with the second color. Rows 5 & 6 should be back to the first color.]

Bind off.

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