Fixing a Hole While Blocking 

Have you knitted a project that you know was done perfectly then blocked it and all the sudden you have holes!? To your horror, you start googling to find a solution. Yet, no one seems to understand or have a fix to your current panic attack?


Calm down. I have an easy solution to this that does not require any scissors, ripping out your finished project. It requires a blocking mat, pins, your finished knitting project, and a knitting needle of your choice.

Step 1: Block the whole project and make sure to re-wet the project. If it is to large to block the whole project, block half the project where the hole(s) are.

Step 2: Using your knitting needle, spread out the stitches around the hole to tighten the hole us. See video below.

Step 3: Take a damp washcloth and re-wet the blocked project. Allow to throughly dry and then unblock.

This looks like a huge problem, but it has an easy solution. Enjoy your gorgeous projects! 🙂

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