First socks for me

Last summer, my husband and I explored a new yarn store. From a person who really only saw Joann Fabrics as my go-to place for yarn, I was floored by the beautiful, rich colors and hand-dyed options for yarn. My husband even fell in love with a hand-dyed sock yarn that he was willing to pay $36 for and did not have to come out of my craft budget!  😀

Regia Pairfect in Wood color

I found and bought two skeins of sock yarn by from Schachenmayr called Regia Pairfect that I was determined to make for myself. Well, a year has passed, and I am finally getting around to these two skeins of yarn! I decided to knit the Regia Pairfect wood color skein first. I was drawn to the pinks, purples, and blue in the yarn.

Well, lets just say, it has pretty much taken me the entire month of June to get one sock out of the pair done … and I still need to finish the toes on the first sock! 😈 Even more frustrating, this sock has been ripped out and redone 5 times this month! I have come to find out that I have VERY, very narrow feet. This last time, I only put 48 stitches on the needless! Then, to the brown strip right before the heel, I decreased every 12 stitches to give me a grand total of 42 stitches. Not going to lie, I felt like I was knitting a child’s sock for my own feet!

I am finally down to decreasing to the toes and I found out I do not have the right size DPNs to finish the sock at the moment, so I just started on the second sock.

First sock almost done!

But, I am so glad that I found a Ravelry pattern from a book called Top Down Sock. I saw some comments from users (under the projects tab) which helped aid my mental sanity in ripping out the sock one more time and casting on once again. My husband on the other hand, looked over and said one word, “Again?”

I plan on buying the book for future needs. I could not buy the book this past weekend, when I truly needed to glean the wisdom, because my husband and I were up in northern Minnesota at the cabin celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I will let you know what I think once I get the book. 🙂

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