Knit Luxury Eye Mask

Back when I was an undergraduate student and living in the dorms, I would go through eye masks like they were a newly bought bag of Cheetos. One night the velcro from an eye mask got stuck in my hair (almost had to cut my hair to get that one out!) to even wondering if I was wearing an eye mask because so much light was coming in around the eye mask. So I decided, I can knit, why not make an eye mask.

Thats just what I did. I came up with a pattern and walla I actually could get a restful night of sleep again. I fell in love with them so much that I decided I would sell them on Etsy. And they sold like hotcakes!

While I have been preparing for the upcoming nuptials with my fiancé, a customer requested I make another one for him. So in some spare time, this is what I made for him.


I cannot wait to hear what he says when he gets in the mail! I will let you guys know when I hear back from him!

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