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I like to think that other knitters would appreciate a good review of yarn store if given the opportunity to talk with another knitter. This page is a journal of the yarn stores I have been over my travels and my personal reviews of them. Please remember that these are my experiences and you may feel different when going to these yarn stores.

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Knit 1 Chicago

  • Address: 3856 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60613
  • Review: I briefly visited this store as we were heading through town. I picked up some gorgeous pink sock yarn for a very reasonable price. I was surprised since this was technically Chicago, IL. It did have less yarn than other yarn stores. However, there is beautiful hand dyed yarns available.
  • Trip Worthy Stop: Yes

Sister Arts Studio

  • Address: 721 W. Wrightwood Chicago, IL 60614
  • Review: I went with my parents and husband to this store. The lady was very friendly to help out but took over 30 minutes to wind 3 skeins of yarn that I had just purchased! She kept stopping to talk to some ladies sitting at the back table. I am guessing she was teaching them to knit? It kind of made me frustrated because we had to wait while she was conversing. Overall, this store has a great selection of yarn that can fit all budgets. Hopefully, you will not have the same experience that I did!
  • Trip Worthy Stop: Yes


Lila and Claudine’s

  • Address: 86 Mahtomedi Ave Mahtomedi, MN 55115
  • Review: I absolutely love this store! There are gifts tucked away all throughout the store with delights for spinners too. The whole downstairs is full of yarn and even has a comfortable sitting area to knit and chat away. If you purchase something at this store, you can even get a discount right next store to the local coffee shop!
  • Trip Worthy Stop: Yes



  • Address: 1350A North Fairfield Rd Beavercreek, OH 45432
  • Review: This store is filled with yarn that the yarn looks as if it will burst out of the store. I could spend a whole day in this store daydreaming. The ladies are very helpful and even have an area (a couch and other seating) where you can come in an knit or even get help with your knitting. They have a great selection of knitting needles and supplies!
  • Trip Worthy Stop: Yes

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